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Mouth Guards

Opro Bronze Mouthguard

BRONZE PROTECTION - Basic Protection Self-Fit Mouthguard Single material mouthguard.  Unique OPROfin technology for complete fit and protection.  Innovative int..

RRP:£5 | £4.49

Shock Doctor Doctor 1.5 Mouth Guard

The V1.5 mouthguard by Shock Doctor protects the teeth, lips and tongue. The mouthguard is designed to absorb impacts to the mouth area and distribute force across your jaw prevent..

RRP:£9 | £7.99

Shock Doctor Doctor Gel Max Mouth Guard

The Shock Doctor Gel Max Mouthguard is one of the most popular mouth guards on the market.  The Gel Max mouthguard has a Gel-Fit liner that custom molds to the teeth for a tig..

RRP:£17 | £14.99

Shock Doctor Single Braces Mouth Guard - Blue

Specifically designed for athletes with braces.  Integrated Ortho-Channel fits securely over braces, protecting the mouth from lacerations & provides an instant fit.&nbs..

RRP:£24 | £19.99

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