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Stretton Fox Outer Thigh Guard

Stretton Fox understand that every player is different in both shape and style. The Modify protection range can be customised to fit by the player at home.

Re Fit – the Self Fit process can be completed time and time again so the player achieves the perfect fit every time.

Ergonomic Fit – the Modify range has been created with the experience of supplying over 750 professional players with their protective equipment. Once the Self Fit process has been completed the player experiences ultimate comfort and protection.

Ambidextrous – fully ambidextrous to suit both right handed and left handed players.

Any Fit Straps – the Modify surface enables the player to wear the elasticated straps in any formation/combination so they can find the perfect fit for them.

Self Fit Process – the player places the guard in the supplied heat bag, places their guard in an oven for 10 minutes and then bend, fold, strap the guard as needed to achieve maximum comfort. Once the guard cools it will hold to the shape as required by the player.


  • Dispersion Protection
  • SELF FIT Technology
  • RE FIT Technology
  • Ergonomic Fit
  • Ambidextrous
  • ANY FIT Straps
  • Thickness – 12mm


  • Absolute trust in the protection qualities
  • Perfect fit on every occasion
  • RE FIT whenever required


  • 1 x MODIFY Outer Thigh Guard
  • 1 x 95cm Strap
  • 2 x 55cm Straps

Stretton Fox Thigh Pad Size Guide: 

  • Small Size 1. 150 – 162cm , 4-9 to 5-3
  • Medium Size 2. 162 – 180cm , 5-3 to 5-9
  • Large Size 3. 180 – 190cm , 5-9 to 6-3
  • Small is approx 27cm width x 37.5cm length
  • Medium is approx 31cm width x 41cm length
  • Large is approx 37cm width x 45cm length

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