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Salix Knife Players Cricket Bat 2023

Salix Knife Players Cricket Bat 2023

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Salix  |  Code: SLX-BTS-KNIFE-PLY-23 | SKU:5519-49
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  • New for 2023
  • Hand Selected by Uzi Sports - We select the cleft before our bats are made by Salix bat maker Andrew Kember
  • The Salix Knife, named after the very tool we use to make it, ‘the draw knife’.  An exquisite tool, and the true partner to the cricket bat maker.
  • Each one of these top-grade bats has been shaped by hand, in humble surroundings, without fuss or bravado.
  • The trees are cultivated and grown in England, the clefts are cleaved and dried in England, and these handmade ‘Knives’ are made in England from top Grade 1 English Willow.
  • WILLOW GRADE - Players ( Grade 1+) - Players grades will be either tighter grain (8 plus grains) or predominantly sap wood and the performance of the bat will be exceptional. 
  • Classical bowed pressing, rerunning through the driving area.
  • Sculpted profile with minimal concave sanding for fullest back.
  • Concentration of wood in middle and spline of bat.
  • Greatest core strength, intense control.
  • Substantial edges.
  • Gentle, long bow.
  • Mid driving area.
  • Triangular, slightly duck-billed toe.
  • Pronounced, traditional oval handle.
  • For classical players, front & back foot.